What is the difference between a gate and a globe valve?

Gate Valve In gate valve, a gate slides between the seats of the valve. Movement of the gate is at right angle to the flow of fluid. By opening the valve, flow path is enlarged in a highly non-linear manner with respect to percentage of opening. Gate valve is normally used for isolation [...]

Is a Metal-seated Ball Valve for You?

Metal-seated ball valves were first introduced to the market to address many of the shortcomings of their soft-seat counterparts. The ability to withstand severe service conditions such as high temperatures, cryogenic conditions, abrasive mediums, slurries, and flow control make them ideal [...]

Introduction to Valves – Bellow Seal Valve

BELLOW(S) SEAL(ED)S Leakage at various points in pipelines found in chemical plants creates emissions. All such leakage points can be detected using various methods and instruments and should be noted by the plant engineer. Critical leakage points include flanged gasket joints and the f / pump [...]

Introduction to Valves – Check valves

CHECK VALVES Check valves are “automatic” valves that open with forward flow and close with reverse flow. The pressure of the fluid passing through a system opens the valve, while any reversal of flow will close the valve. Exact operation will vary depending on the type of Check [...]

How Do Check Valves Function, And Why Would They Be Selected Over Other Valve Types?

Also known as non-return, one-way, and clack valves, check valves are different from other types of valves in their ability to pass fluid in solely one direction. This sort of function is essential for a variety of safety applications, as well as for preventing overflow. How Check Valves [...]

Super high pressure valve Market Research Report Now Available at Research Corridor

Research Corridor has published a new research study titled “Super high pressure valve Market – Growth, Share, Opportunities, Competitive Analysis and Forecast, 2015 – 2022”. The Super high pressure valve market report studies current as well as future aspects of the Super high pressure valve [...]


BONNETLESS GLOBE VALVE > Design and Struction > Dimension


FORGED STEEL GATE VALVE – WELDED & BOLTED BONNET – REDUCE & FULL PORT > Overview ● API602, API6D, API607, ASME B16.34 & ISO15848 ● Testing according to API 598, ASME B16.34 ● Marking MSS-SP-25 ● Outside Screw and Yoke (OS & Y) ● Rising Stem, Non-rising Handwheel ● Body Bonnet [...]


BELLOWS SEAL GLOBE VALVE (OS & Y , FLANGED TYPE) > Design and Struction ● Zero emissions, fire safe construction ● Helium leak testing ● Guaranteed long bellows life with qualification test, cycle life Min. 3000cycles depending on working conditions ● Low emissions secondary sealing – [...]


DOUBLE BLOCK BLEED VALVES ● ZERO LEAKAGE A valve selection is very important in petroleum industry. An wrong valve selection causes the decrease of income, the pollution of product and the increase of product maintenance cost. In multi-product system, valve should stand cycle variation of [...]


BALL VALVES – YPPI & ETC Rating JIS 10K / ANSI 150#, 300# Size 15A to 300A 1/2″ to 12″ Application Hydrocarbon industry, Water, Oil, Gas service Feature Floating bail design Wide range body material Soft and Hard Seat Fire safe design Automation mounting pad Inverstment casting : 15A”(1/2″) [...]

Parallel Slide Gate Valves

PARALLEL SLIDE GATE VALVES Now ‘parallel-slide gate valve’ is a global trend. 1. The parallel slide gate valve closes with a sliding action instead of the usual compression, so there is no tendency, notch or indent on the sealing surfaces. This result of this action can bring a better tightness [...]

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